A Message from the Office of Human Resources,
UNDP Bureau of Management


Dear JPOs,

We are happy to welcome you to the JPO Career Management Website, which offers helpful information, tools, and resources for your career planning process.

Over the past 50 years the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme has provided young, motivated professionals the opportunity to gain experience in development management and multilateral development cooperation, as well as direct exposure to the UN System. The JPO Programme is one of the key talent intakes for UNDP at entry-level and continues to stand as the best entry point for employment within the UN System, with more than one-third of UNDP JPOs having been retained in the UN System over the past decade. Within UNDP, former and current JPOs represent around 20% of the professional staff, and approximately 25% of current UN Resident Coordinators are former Junior Professional Officers.

The JPO Programme offers you a unique and highly effective induction into a career within UNDP and the greater UN System, as well as to the development sector in general. Building and managing a successful and rewarding career requires a forward-thinking approach that involves paying attention to important elements such as networking, learning, and reputation management. In addition, it is also important to be engaged in your work and eager to embrace new opportunities as they emerge.

Throughout your JPO assignment, I encourage you to be pro-active in taking ownership of your own career development by applying the resources which are available here to support you. On this Website you will find useful information to guide you through the career planning process in areas such as developing a career strategy, refining your CV and application, and preparing for competency-based interviews. Valuable information about career opportunities within UNDP and the United Nations System is also provided.

The goal of the JPO Service Centre, part of the UNDP Office of Human Resources, is to provide you with the best possible support and training, and to keep you informed on various placement and learning opportunities. I encourage you to visit this Website frequently and to make full use of it as a resource and supporting tool to plan and manage your career.

Let us take this opportunity to welcome you as a colleague to the UN, and to wish you an exciting and successful JPO experience.

Best regards,

The Office of Human Resources