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For queries about employment with the JPO Programme, please visit the dedicated page on our website.

For all other inquiries, please contact please contact the Public Relations and Website Officer.

The JPO Service Centre is part of UNDP's Staff Administrative Services (SAS) / Office of Human Resources OHR) / Bureau of Management (BOM). The JPOSC team is composed as follows. You can download the organisation chart of the JPOSC. For more information, please click on the names.

To find out who is the focal point for your Duty Station or for donor relations please use the following tables:


Duty Station Focal Points at the JPO Service Centre:

Human Resources Focal Points for non-UNDP JPOs are as follows:

  • Ms. Karina Ingildsen for UNFPA JPOs
  • Ms Lisa Fialla Andresen for WHO, UNIDO and UNRWA JPOs
  • Ms. Mavis Osei for UN Women and UNAIDS JPOs
  • Ms. Els Ravyse for UNOPS JPOs

Human Resources Focal Points for UNDP and affiliated JPOs are as follows:


Donor Government Focal Points at JPOSC:


The Team:


JPOSC Management Mr. Vee Kun Lee
Chief SAS
Ms. Lykke Andersen
JPOSC Manager

External Relations
& Partnerships Team

Mr. Jean-Luc Marcelin
Programme Specialist

Ms. Ondine Desruelles
Communications Associate (Translations)

Human Resources Team
Ms. Lisa Fialla Andresen 
HR Associate
Ms. Merja Jarvinen
HR Associate
Ms. Karina Haggren Ingildsen
HR Associate
Ms. Rana Irshaid Andersen
HR Associate
Ms. Mavis Osei
HR Associate
Ms. Tine Puk Therkildsen
HR Associate
Ms. Els Ravyse Tornhøj
HR Associate
Ms. Svjetlana Tafro
HR Associate
Ms. Natallia Faustmann
HR Assistant
Ms. Samah Hitary
HR Assistant
Ms. Zuzana Matuzova
HR Assistant
Operations Team Ms. Lorrae Davey
Finance/HR Associate
Ms. Lemelyn Maguigad-Gaddi
Finance Associate
Ms. Ivana Skovgaard
Operations Associate



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