JPO Request System


Please click to access the JPO Request System.


The main purpose of this "online JPO request" system is to streamline the process of recruitment and placement of JPOs. Terms of Reference can now be completed and registered online. The JPO Service Centre immediately checks the contents of the Terms of Reference and if no clarification is required, the Terms of Reference will be made available to the relevant Regional Bureau for validation and prioritization.

All Duty Stations are able to view the status of their request at any given time. Since all donors also have access to this system, they are able to view what JPO positions are available for funding, as soon as the respective Regional Bureau has endorsed the relevant Terms of Reference.

Kindly also note that all JPO requests that are more than two years old and have not been funded will have to be re-entered even though we may have received a hard or soft copy of the ToR early on. This is required in order to make sure that such old requests are still valid for the purpose of the new recruitment cycle.

You will note that the application is available in three languages: French, Spanish and English. The user manual is also available in three languages with some screenshots and explanatory text.

To apply to become a registered user, or if you have forgotten your password, please e-mail the administrator.


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