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Below is a list of possible reasons (and solutions) related to a technical issue you might have encountered (for instance: error code, no action "submit button" hit, ect):

  • First of all, some users may experience difficulties when accessing the online application system with Mozilla Firefox or Safari. Our preferred browswer is Internet Explorer version 5 (and above) when applying online. Therefore you might need to retry to apply online using Internet Explorer. Updating your browser is quick and free. Click on the following link to download Internet Explorer;
  • Moreover, please note that if you have already applied in the past for a JPO position through our website, it means you already an user, in which case you must use your "login" and "password" that were sent to you when you first registered: here ;
  • Another possibility, is that you are not eligible to apply for the JPO positions according to the criteria decided by the sponsoring countries to the JPO Programme, who are sovereign in their decision. However the system should notify you. For more information about eligibility, please visit our website ;
  • You might have lost the Internet connection in the Application Process (even for a brief moment, so you could not notice it) or exceeded the time limit for submitting your application (60 minutes). Therefore our website was unable to register you data or even send you an email afterwards. In order to continue the application process, we initially recommend to logout and login again. One useful tip is to write a draft copy in Word first, rather than directly on-line, so that you can copy and paste in your information (this is not always possible with some forms).

    • Please note that there is a one-hour time limit to enter data in to the system (this is done for security reasons). Sections of the application process have therefore to be filled in and saved within an hour after the login, otherwise you will lose connection and be forced to re-submit all entries. However, all data saved within an hour will remain safe in the system. You can then easily log in again via the “returning applicant” link and continue with completing the remaining sections.  
    • Before you begin filling out the application, you may look at or print out a sample copy to review the information requested. This will give you the opportunity to collect all the information you need before you start to fill out the application on-line.
  • At last, if you entered two nationalities, you should check both nationalities and choose the most favorable one.

If the problem persists, please contact the webmaster